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About Erin

I am a Whole30 Certified Coach

I am a wife and mom to three little humans living in Western New York State.  I am a passionate middle school special education teacher who loves helping students reach their full potential.  I am a wannabe golfer, mediocre cook, and hard core obliger.  I love a good spin class.  Buffalo chicken anything is my jam, and I'm also a sucker for peanut butter cups.  

My Whole30 Journey

After years in the diet cycle (I’m talking since the age of 12), my Whole30 story began in October of 2013 after the birth of my first child. I was struggling with my post-partum hormones and continuing PCOS symptoms. I found Whole30 through one of my best friends. After completing my first round, I felt the best I’d felt in years, even though I was a sleep deprived new mother. I failed to complete a full reintroduction and slowly slid back into my old eating habits. After struggling with yet another round of infertility treatments and finding myself up against our last chance - a final round of IVF - I decided to give Whole30 another try. This time was different. It was the round that began the radical change I needed. After completing a full Whole30 and reintroduction, I had a successful round of IVF. I was pregnant with twins! After the birth of twins, I had three beautiful children and the WHY I needed to change my mindset around food.  I am still on my Food Freedom journey and have used the Whole30 reset as the tool to help me push forward.


My goal as a Whole30 coach is to help people identify their WHY and make Whole30 an accessible reset to change their lives. I do this by providing tools and a community of support to simplify and stream-line meal planning and preparation, as well as delve into why they are desiring these changes.  

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